Meet our board

Our Board of Directors is responsible for our governance and strategic direction. These support people with intellectual disability to exercise their rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Each member brings different skills and experience to support our vision.

Kevin Stone


With more than 40 years’ experience in the disability field, Kevin has worked relentlessly to improve the lives of people with disability, both as an individual advocate and systemically by influencing state and national policy.

As Chair, Kevin has been at the forefront of developing national policy and representing and championing the voice of self-advocates. Kevin has also served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disability (VALID) since 1989.

Kevin is the author of a number of training programs and resources and has contributed to significant person-centred reforms that have increased the independence of people with disability. These include the introduction of individualised funding, Victoria’s self-direction initiatives, and the campaign for an NDIS. Kevin has also represented people with disability and their families on state and national reference groups and ministerial advisory committees over the past 25 years.

Kevin is currently a member of the NDIS Intellectual Disability Reference Group and the Victorian Government NDIS Implementation Taskforce. He is on the board of the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations and on the advisory committee of the Future Sial Services Institute.


Jennifer Dixon

Jenny has upheld an enduring commitment to social justice and the rights of people with disability for over 40 years. With experience across education, equity programs, community development and change management, her vision is an inclusive community where people have authentic relationships and genuinely look out for each other. Jenny’s key strength is her ability to collaborate with people with disability to co-design strategic action plans and implement continuous improvement activities. She is skilled in capacity building and leadership development and has extensive knowledge and experience in evaluation and research methodologies. Jenny’s role with Inclusion Australia includes mentoring and advice concerning governance and compliance.

Tracy Wright

Tracey is a highly experienced executive leader, program director and change manager. Her key strength is her ability to turn strategic and operational plans into organisational capabilities focused toward the future. Valuing diversity and inclusiveness, Tracy’s passion is to contribute to positive social change. Her career has focussed on community and human service sectors where she works with vulnerable groups.

With an in-depth operational knowledge of change management combined with expert communication, collaboration, and relationship management skills, she has worked across a range of projects.

Dell Stagg

As President of SACID Dell has been a leader in the advocacy sector for some 50 years following the birth of her daughter Michelle.

Dell has been on many boards and committees particularly regarding people with intellectual disability and their families. She is a current member of the Key Influencers and Peak Industry Groups Stakeholder Forum for the SA Government’s Department of Human Services— NDIS Implementation of the NDIS Reform.

Dell has been involved in presenting submissions and reports to the Productivity Commission and many enquiries during her many years of service.

She was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in 2015 for her service to people with intellectual disability and their families.

Dr Veronica Wain

Veronica has been a Board Member for six years. She has a passion for social justice and self-advocacy and works towards creating inclusive communities.

Veronica is currently the National Project Manager with an ILC funded project, Mainstream and Me. She has a keen interest in the arts and is currently on the NDIS and the Arts working group. She is a committee member with the Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society (Australasia) and served on the Parent to Parent Board for six years.

She has completed a PhD exploring media representation and disability. Veronica has presented at conferences nationally and internationally across different subject areas ranging from autobiography and disability representation to documentary studies and empathy. She is a published author and award-winning filmmaker.

She is President of the Sunshine Troupe Inc, an all abilities performing arts group located on the Sunshine Coast and works with the creative team in bringing performances to life. The troupe perform at numerous events including the region’s annual arts and culture festival, Horizon, and are members of the Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance, where Veronica sits as their representative on the committee.

Heather ForsythHeather Forsyth

Heather Forsyth is a highly experienced self advocate who has overcome many challenges in her life to become a leader and support worker for other people with a disability. Heather is the current Chair of Our Voice and has recently been invited to a be a member of Empower Us Action Team which is a group of Self Advocates from around the world, leading the way on empowerment of others and to have our voices heard. Heather will be attending the World Congress in Birmingham, UK in May 2018.

Heather’s experience as a self advocate includes serving as:

  • a former member of the National Disability Advisory Council (NDAC)
  • a former Board member of the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO)
  • a Board member of the National Council on Intellectual Disability (NCID)
  • Chairperson of Inclusion Australia’s Our Voice Committee
  • A project worker currently with VALID Inc
  • A Mainstream and Me Peer Community Educator

Heather’s experience as a speaker includes :

  • Keynote speaker at the 2008 ASSID Conference
  • Presenting at the 2006 Inclusion International conference in Acapulco, Mexico
  • Speaking at the 2010 Inclusion International conference in Berlin, Germany
  • Speaking at the 2009 Having a Say conference
  • Speaking at the 2017 Speak Out Conference
  • Speaking at the 2018 Inclusion Australia Employment Forum