Disability Royal Commission

The Australian Government has given Inclusion Australia money (“funding”). Some of this funding is to help us givpeople information about the Disability Royal Commission (DRC).  


We are writing blog posts and resources about the DRC for our website. We will publish these in early 2020.


Our blog posts will talk about the DRC. We will include detail that is easy to understand. This detail will include definitions and explanations about the DRC.


Our resources will have information like checklists and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). 


We will also write blog posts and resources for Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA). These will talk to advocates about the things they need to do to help people prepare for the DRC.


Disability Royal Commission FAQ


What is a Royal Commission? 

A Royal Commission is an official way of trying to fix a big problem. 


What is the Disability Royal Commission? 

The ‘Disability Royal Commission’ is short for the ‘Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability’.  

Violence – is when people hurt other people physically 

Abuse – is when people treat other people badly 

Neglect – is when people do not help other people when they should 

Exploitation – is when people use other people to get what they want 


Why is there a Disability Royal Commission? 

There is a Disability Royal Commission because people with disability have been hurt for many years. The ways they have been hurt are through violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. 


Where can I find more information about the Disability Royal Commission? 

The official Disability Royal Commission website 

Inclusion Australia’s DRC blog (early 2020)

Inclusion Australia’s DRC resources (early 2020)

DANA’s DRC blog and resources