A lot of schools around Australia are closed at the moment. This means that children and parents are having to manage learning from home.

The Australian Coalition for Inclusive Education has developed a new resource about learning at home during coronavirus. They’ve put together information to help students with disability and their families organise and plan for home schooling. We’ve converted this information into three Easy Read resources. The resources are filled with practical tips and helpful links.

The resources are separated into:

  • information for students
  • information for parents and guardians
  • a list of tips and links.

What’s in the resources?

The information in the resources helps parents support their children while they learn from home.

The resources include information on:

  • looking after you and your family
  • finding ways to do the schoolwork that suits your family
  • who you can go to for help
  • ways to keep in touch with other people
  • links to learning resources.

Please remember to be realistic and kind to yourself and your family. Do what you can and don’t worry if your child doesn’t get all their schoolwork done.

You can also find the original resource on the Australian Coalition for Inclusive Education website.

Read the resources

Learning from home during Covid-19 (Coronavirus) – Information for children and young people (PDF)

Learning from home during Covid-19 (Coronavirus) – Information for parents (PDF)

Tips and links to help with learning from home (PDF)