New rules for services-for-one

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Rules about restrictive practices

All NDIS providers that use restrictive practices are required to register with the NDIS Commission. This includes families who run a service-for-one person with a disability.

A service-for-one is where a family directly employs their own staff and is responsible for their own business processes. It does not include employing staff through other disability services.

Services-for-one that implement restrictive practices as part of the supports they provide to an NDIS participant, will need to register with the NDIS Commission.

What are restrictive practices?

A restrictive practice is any practice that restricts the movement or freedom of a person with disability. The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission has rules about how some restrictive practices are used and reported. These include:

  • seclusion – for example, locking a person in a room or if the person believes they cannot leave a room
  • chemical restraint – for example, using medication to change a person’s behaviour
  • mechanical restraint – for example, clothing that restricts a person’s movement
  • physical restraint – for example, physically holding a person down
  • environmental restraint – for example, locking a fridge door so that a person cannot open it.

Registering with the NDIS Commission means meeting the NDIS Practice Standards and Code of Conduct. It includes:

  • making an application to the NDIS Commission
  • being audited against the NDIS Practice Standards
  • complying with the conditions of registration.

What can families running services-for-one do now?

If you are not sure whether you are using restrictive practices, you can get advice from your state-based behaviour support team on:

If you think you might need to register with the NDIS Commission, you can contact the NDIS Commission on 1800 035 544 or [email protected]

Where can you find more information?

For more information about restrictive practices, visit
NDIS Commission – Regulated restrictive practices

For information about the NDIS Commission’s registration process,
visit NDIS Commission – Provider registration process

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