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Accessible information

We all have a right to receive information in a format that is accessible.

Inclusion Advisors who worked on this project were clear that governments and organisations need to do better at making information accessible.  

For people with an intellectual disability this means clear, easy to understand information, preferably in Easy Read.

This section explores what we mean by accessible information. It includes advice on:

  • What is Easy Read and why is it important
  • Tips on commissioning Easy Read translations for your work
  • Talking about your work in more accessible ways
  • Other types of accessible information

Resources on this topic

Front page of Easy Read factsheet

What is Easy Read?

This Easy Read fact sheet covers:

  • What is Easy Read?
  • Why is Easy Read important?
  • How do people use Easy Read?
  • What else can you do to make your information accessible?
Front page of Easy Read guide

Guide: Commissioning Easy Read Resources

This Easy Read guide covers:

  • Easy Read vs. Plain English
  • Why does Easy Read matter?
  • Some principles of Easy Read
  • Commissioning Easy Read
  • Checking your Easy Read