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Introduction to inclusive practice

Inclusive practice means working in a way that is accessible, and helps people feel welcome and supported.

We made this website and resources to help government and other organisations to think about how to be more inclusive of people with an intellectual disability.

Inclusion can mean different things to different people. Everyone is different; there is no single checklist which applies to all people. Inclusion is about making sure people have what they need to participate as equals.

We called our project Towards Inclusive Practice as a prompt to think about inclusion in your work at all times.

In this section you will find information about:

  • what we mean by inclusive practice
  • the importance of inclusive practice in delivering better outcomes for people
  • the ladder of participation: being inclusive across different engagement methods
  • the importance of time in inclusive practice
  • getting support from disability organisations

Resources on this topic

Front page of Thinking about Inclusive Practice guide

Thinking about inclusive practice – a guide for managers and policy makers

This guide covers:

  • About intellectual disability in Australia
  • Rights and frameworks for inclusion
  • What is inclusive practice?
  • Barriers to inclusive practice and solutions
Front page of Communications to Co-design fact sheet

Communications to co-design: valuing different types of engagement

This resource covers:

  • Different forms of engagement
  • Power and the ladder of participation
  • Avoiding tokenistic participation
  • Choosing the right way to engage
Front page of Inclusion: Take the Time, Make the Time factsheet

Inclusion: Take the time, make the time

This resource covers:

  • The importance of time
  • Good practice when thinking about time
  • Time tips from our Inclusion Advisors
  • Reflective practice activities: thinking about time
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Working with a Disability Representative Organisation (DRO)