As the leading national voice on issues of importance to people with intellectual disability in Australia, we work to raise expectations, recognise potential and promote the value of people with intellectual disability.

Inclusion Australia works locally, nationally and internationally, providing policy expertise and advice to drive systemic change.

Leading the way: Advocating for open employment opportunities for our community & supporting diversity in our workforce.

Many of Chief Executive Officer Paul Cain’s 23 years with Inclusion Australia have been devoted to advocating for people with intellectual disability to be included in the open labour market.

“We can work with the right support” has been a catch cry in the sector and speaks not only to the needs of people with intellectual disability, but the need for employers as well to be able to access the right support to enable diversity in their workforce.

Paul’s experience is vast and is reflected in the extensive employment resources and references which will be uploaded to this site in the near future.