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Real stories

Man holding a microphone against a black background.

This page has real stories about discrimination, abuse and neglect faced by people with intellectual disability.

These stories were collected and published as part of a submission to the Disability Royal Commission in July 2020. 

This submission made it much more possible for people with intellectual disability to feel comfortable sharing their story with the Disability Royal Commission. 

Content warning: these stories contain details that may distress some readers.

Blue Knot Foundation runs free counselling for people with disability and their families if anything in these stories has raised concerns for you.

Our stories

Real Stories from Everyone Can Work

The Everyone Can Work website is about making the pathways to open employment more accessible. Wherever you are on your journey to open employment, this website can help you learn about what services and supports are available to help you take the next step.

It also includes videos from people with intellectual disability and their families about the work they do and the steps they’ve taken to get to where they are.

Click here to watch their stories.