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Towards Inclusive Practice

The Towards Inclusive Practice project is providing expertise and advice to help make Government information, systems and processes more inclusive for people with an intellectual disability.  


Most Government systems and processes are not easy to navigate. This is especially so for people with an intellectual disability.

People with an intellectual disability also have very few ways to tell Government what matters. 

The Disability Royal Commission has highlighted how people with intellectual disability are not listened to, not understood and under-supported.  

In February 2021, the Department of Social Services funded the Towards Inclusive Practice project to provided practical advice to Government on how to be more inclusive of people with an intellectual disability. 

The project is informed by a national network of people with an intellectual disability who discuss and provide advice on important issues and develop resources for Government on inclusive practice. 

What we have done  

In partnership with our state and territory member organisations, we have: 

  • Set up consultation groups of people with intellectual disability in each State and Territory  
  • Provided training, support and resources for the groups to meet regularly 
  • Co-designed high quality resources about the best ways to include to people with intellectual disability and hear their voice 
  • Helped build the advocacy skills of people with intellectual disability around Australia.  

The project will run from June 2021 – October 2022.  

Our team

There are teams of Inclusion Advisors in each State and Territory. Their role is to share their experiences and knowledge to make sure all the resources are about how to be inclusive.

Each team is supported by an Facilitator.

The project is managed by two Project Coordinators, Heather Forsyth and Christine Kuca-Thompson. They make sure the project stays on track and support the Inclusion Advisors and Facilitators.

A sreenshot of Inclusion Australia staff members working together.
Heather and Christine at work

How we work

  1. The Inclusion Advisors and Facilitators meet regularly to discuss topics about inclusion.
  2. They send their ideas and recommendations to the Project Coordinators.
  3. The Project Coordinators create a resource, like a written guide, a video or a checklist.
  4. The Inclusion Advisors review each resource before it is published.

Our resources

Resources from the Towards Inclusive Practice project will be launched in early 2023. They will be made freely available on the Inclusion Australia website.

Find out more 

To find out more, please contact Maeve Kennedy at [email protected]   

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