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Systemic Advocacy

Inclusion Australia is a systemic advocacy organisation.  

Our main purpose is to break down barriers to inclusion for people with intellectual disability.  

We do this by influencing Government and trying to change Government policy. 

We work to make sure legislation, policies and practices support the rights and interests of all people with an intellectual disability.

On this page you will find information about our systemic advocacy, including our submissions to Government.  

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Individual Advocacy

People with an intellectual disability and families may also need individual advocacy

This is support from a person to help to understand your rights and how systems work, to make decisions, and be heard in matters that affect you.

You can also ask that person to act for you, and represent your wishes.

Who can be an individual advocate?

The person who supports you should be independent. This means that they don’t work for a disability service provider, the NDIA or the Government.

They must also have no conflicts of interest. This means they must not take advantage of you or benefit personally from supporting you.

How to find an individual advocate?

The Disability Advocacy Network Australia website has a list of advocacy organisations across Australia.

Some of our state members also provide individual advocacy. Look up your local organisation.