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Have your say in research projects

Our new Easy Read newsletter will help you find out about opportunities to be involved in research and consultation

The disability community has been very clear for many years, “nothing about us without us.”

This means that more organisations want to work with people with disabilities when they do projects or research.

Many people who do research want to talk to people with an intellectual disability to find out what they think.

However, it can be hard to find out about these opportunities until it is too late.

Inclusion Australia has a new Easy Read bulletin to help people with an intellectual disability to find out about new projects.

This might include doing interviews, surveys, or workshops.

We have made this information so you can find out about chances to have your say. In some cases, you may also be paid for sharing your ideas and your lived experience.

Information for organisations, researchers and consultants

Making sure you have accessible information about your project is an important first step to engaging with people with an intellectual disability.

We have developed guidance to help you think about your project in an accessible way and prepare the information we need to be able to share it with others.

We have also developed a form to help you describe your project in an accessible way. PDF and Word versions are available.

If you would like to contact us about working together, or to feature your work in future bulletins, please contact [email protected]. Fees apply.