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A Service for One

In 2020, Inclusion Australia partnered with VALID, the NDIS Quality and Safety Commission (NDIS Commission) and families of people with complex support needs to develop resources for people and families running services-for-one. 


People with complex behaviour support needs often have limited options for housing and support. Many have also had negative experiences in disability services and with government agencies. 

Some families of people with complex behaviour support needs have set up a service-for-one for their family member.  

Services-for-one include those that are directly employing staff and are responsible for their own business processes. It does not include employing staff through a service provider.  

In 2018, the NDIS Commission announced that any NDIS-funded service using regulated restrictive practices must register with the NDIS Commission.  

Families were concerned that it would be difficult to meet these new requirements. 

What we did 

We worked with families and auditing specialists to develop plain language information to help families understand and navigate the NDIS registration process.  

We ran a trial NDIS registration audit of a service for one to better understand the auditing experience for families running a service-for-one.  

We also developed guidance for auditors to use when auditing a service-0for-one.  

This project was funded by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. 

Find out more 

To access the resources, go to the services-for-one website

For more information about NDIS registration, contact the NDIS Commission on 1800 800 110.