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Annual Health Assessments

It’s Doctor Time! is a campaign by Inclusion Australia launched in August 2024 to encourage more people with intellectual disability to see their GP for a yearly health check.


It’s Doctor Time! is about choosing a special time of year to book in a yearly health check. Doctor Time could be around a person’s birthday, in Autumn, during NAIDOC Week, AFL Grand Final week, or any other time that helps the person with intellectual disability remember to go to the GP around the same time every year. A GP is the person’s regular doctor.

It’s Doctor Time! includes information and resources for people with intellectual disability, families, GPs, service providers and others. 

What are yearly health checks?

A yearly health check is a big heath check with your GP that you should do once a year, even if you do not feel sick. GPs sometimes call these Annual Health Assessments.

Why are yearly health checks important?

Yearly health checks are important so your GP can check your body is working properly and find any health problems before they get too big.  The appointment is supported by Medicare, so you do not have to pay.   

To help answer any questions you might have about going to the doctor, Speak Out have made a video that talks about what happens at a yearly health check. 

Video – coming soon

We have made lots of resources like factsheets, posters and videos for people with intellectual disability, families and support people, GPs and clinic staff, service providers and more. Find these resources under ‘More information’ below.

More information