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Supported Decision Making

We all have a right to make decisions about things in our lives. These can be everyday decisions like what to wear and what to eat. It can also be big decisions like where to live or relationships.  

We often get support from other people to make decisions. This includes asking people their opinion, seeking advice or talking to professionals like banks or doctors.  

Some people with an intellectual disability might need additional support to make their own decisions. This is called Supported Decision Making.  

This page includes information about our advocacy, projects and resources on Supported Decision Making.  

Decision making is a human right 

People with an intellectual disability have the same right to make their own decisions as other people.  

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD)  reinforces this right  in Article 3, Article 4 and Article 12.  

Article 12 also says that people have the right to the support they may need to make decisions.  

Read more about the CRPD in Easy Read.  

NDIS Supported Decision Making policy 

The National Disability Insurance Agency is making an NDIS Support for Decision Making policy. This policy aims to maximise opportunities for NDIS participants to make their own decisions. 

The NDIA says Supported Decision Making is important for the “60% of adult NDIS participants with a disability that affects the way they think”. This includes people with intellectual disability.  

Read our submission about Supported Decision Making in the NDIS

Make Decisions Real 

Make Decisions Real is our national project to improve Supported Decision Making for people with intellectual disability. It uses resources and workshops co-designed with people with an intellectual disability to help people and ‘decision supporters’.   

To find out more and to see our resources visit our Make Decisions Real page.  

Supported Decision-Making resources from our members 

Speak Out Tasmania

Decision making support for NDIS participants in Tasmania who need support to access the NDIS or with NDIS planning.

Decisions Decisions Decisions video 

Developmental Disability Western Australia

Supported Decision Making online course is a free online learning resource for parents, friends, family members, support workers, team leaders, coordinators and allied health professionals.  

Our Supported Decision-Making resources