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Your Service, Your Rights: conversation cards

Every person with a disability who uses the NDIS has the right to good quality and safe services.

As part of our Your Service, Your Rights project we have created a set of Conversation Cards for people with an intellectual disability.

Each set of conversation cards contains a total of 80 cards which will help people learn about their rights and talk about what is important to them when using NDIS services.

These could be used individually, one-on-one, in groups, or in workshops, up to you! People can choose to use one card, one type of card, or the whole set.

There are four types of cards in each set for people to explore:

Scenario cards: read about people in different hypothetical situations. These are to talk about and say what people think.


Rights cards: these are statements about human rights. Learn about your rights and what they mean for you.


Question cards: these are questions for people to think about their own life and own services and what is important to them.


True or False cards: quiz questions, where there is only one answer. These are questions about the NDIS Commission, systems, and processes. There is also a QR code on each card to link to helpful information.


If you are interested in using the conversation cards, contact us at: [email protected]

These cards are also available in the following 10 languages:

  • Simplified Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Punjabi
  • Korean
  • Bhutanese (Dzongkha)
  • French
  • Dari
  • S’gaw Karen

You can also download PDFs of the conversation cards and instruction booklet below: