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Supported Decision Making Resource Directory

The Supported Decision Making Resource Directory brings together supported decision making resources from across Australia.

“We made the directory so people can find good Supported Decision Making resources easier” – Lorraine, Peer Worker

We looked at different resources about decision making and asked:

  • Is the resource easy to understand?
  • Is it aimed at people with an intellectual disability?
  • Does it explain Supported Decision Making well?

We wrote the directory in accessible language.

The Resource Directory includes descriptions and links to 8 resources for:

  • decision makers
  • decision supporters.

It includes artwork from our competition for people with an intellectual disability. The theme was ‘I make my own decisions’. There were 3 winners, chosen by the Peer Workers.

“We chose them based on the ones we liked the most and the ones that best showed the theme.” – Brooke, Peer Worker

You can download the Resource Directory below.