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Your Service, Your Rights: resources for providers

Your Service, Your Rights is a national project to build the capacity of people with an intellectual disability and service providers to understand peoples’ rights when receiving services through the NDIS. 

What can service providers do?

NDIS service providers need to make sure:

  1. People using their services have their rights met.
  2. They follow the NDIS rules including the NDIS Practice Standards.

Services can do this by:

  • giving people information and support to speak up and make complaints.
  • including people in making their service better and safer.

These resources can be used in your service to make sure everyone can speak up and exercise their rights.

Advisory Group Guide

An Advisory Group gives people using your service a way to provide advice and be part of decisions that affect them. This guide will help you to set up an Advisory Group in your service: Setting up an Advisory Group in Your Service

Including people with an intellectual disability in the audit process

An internal audit will help to make sure the services you provide are good quality and safe. These resources will help you to include people with an intellectual disability in audit processes as interviewers and participants.

Easy Read Feedback and Complaints Form

Every person has the right to give feedback and make complaints about the service they are receiving. This Easy Read form can be used to support people to record feedback and complaints: Easy Read Feedback and Complaint Form

Other resources

These resources can also be used to support people to know their rights and have their say about services they receive.

  • NDIS Commission: Make it known, make it better resources: – The NDIS Commission has created short videos and posters for people with disability about the NDIS Code of Conduct and how to speak up and make a complaint. It includes targeted information for First Nations people, LGBTQI+ communities and information in 17 languages.
  • Make Decisions Real – Make Decisions Real is a project by Inclusion Australia about support for decision making. Use our range of resources for people with an intellectual disability and their families to learn about making decisions with the right support: 
  • First Peoples Disability Network (FPDN) ‘Know Your Human Rights’ – FPDN have developed culturally safe ‘Know Your Human Rights’ training. This aims to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to understand their rights and know how to speak up:
  • VALID posters and templates – VALID has free posters and templates for house meetings and client committees, rights and responsibilities, and speaking up
  • CID resources – CID has a range of Easy Read information about healthcare, education, employment and lots of other topics to help people learn about their rights. You can also watch and share these great films of self-advocates talking about speaking up:

We want to hear from you!

Tell us what you are doing in your service to support the rights of people with a disability. Contact us at [email protected].

Find out more

For more information about Your Service, Your Rights please visit our project page:

You can also contact Maeve Kennedy, Senior Policy and Projects Manager: [email protected]