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The 5 Steps of Supported Decision Making

Find out how you can use our 5 Steps of Supported Decision Making in your own life.

As part of our Make Decisions Real project, we spoke to people with an intellectual disability and their supporters from around Australia about making decisions.

We also looked at Supported Decision Making resources that already existed.

Most of the resources were made for supporters, not decision makers. Some of the resources were confusing and had difficult words.

So, we came up with 5 easy steps to help people understand supported decision making and put it into practice:

  1. Explore the decision – think about the decision. What do you want to do, and why?
  2. Involve the right people – get support to make decisions from people you trust.
  3. Think about options and consequences – look at your options and think about any risks.
  4. Make the decision real – put your plan in motion and make it happen!
  5. Reflect on what happened – look back on your decision. Think about how it went, and what you learnt from it.

We have made some posters and fact sheets to help you remember and use the 5 steps. You can download them below.

Make Decisions Real: Supported Decision Making videos

We made some short videos and an activity book about Supported Decision Making.

You can find them by clicking here.