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5 Steps of Supported Decision Making videos

As part of our Make Decisions Real project, we created 5 Steps of Supported Decision Making.

We also have made a series of videos to help you understand the 5 steps. The videos show people with intellectual disability talking about how they make decisions in their own lives. Each video covers a different step of the supported decision making process. All of the videos have closed captions.

It’s a good idea to watch the videos in order. You can watch these videos with your decision supporter if you want.

There is a video activity booklet to go with the videos. You can download the activity booklet at the bottom of this page.

At the end of each video there are questions for you to think about. Write or draw your answers in the video activity booklet.

Introduction to Supported Decision Making

Step 1: Explore the decision

Step 2: Involve the right people

Step 3: Think about options and consequences

Step 4: Make the decision real

Step 5: Reflect on what happened

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