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Watching the Disability Royal Commission  

Report by Brooke Canham and Luke Nelson – Inclusion Australia Policy Officers

On Tuesday the 13th of December 2022 the Royal Commission talked to a few people throughout the whole day. They talked about a vision for an inclusive Australia.

Dylan Alcott AO talked about the percentage of people with disability that are employed already. Mr Alcott said we need to talk more about the good benefits from the NDIS.

Mr Alcott also mentioned that festivals should be more inclusive for people with disabilities and intellectual disabilities too. For example, as he mentioned that there should be a spot for those if it gets too loud like a sensory room so people can calm themselves down. He said they need to make more festivals like this as a lot more people are not wanting to attend.

The Royal Commission also spoke to two young ladies from Bus Stop Films. They said the entertainment industry should be more inclusive for people living with a disability. They spoke about making friendships and building relationships are important as they may be involved in a group or team environment to discuss ideas.

On the same day of the hearing, they spoke to an organisation called Vanguard Laundry. They told the Royal Commissioner that Vanguard only employed people who are disadvantaged. They also mentioned that they offer people the chance to do work experience for a short or long time and they will support that young person. They told the Royal commission that they don’t employ people with an intellectual disability. They also mentioned to the Royal Commission when you hand in your resume you need a referral attached to it and you sit on the waiting list.

They Royal Commission also spoke to The Brother Boys. One of them has an intellectual disability. The Brother Boys told the Royal Commission that people sometimes judge other people by its cover. So, during the Covid-19 times they made some videos showing what they do for fun. They made these videos though an app called Tik Tok and it is going worldwide. They have many ‘likes’! They told the Commissioner it is hard sometimes, but they always have a smile.

It was interesting to watch the Royal Commission for a day. Even though some people spoke in an accessible way but there were still lots of academic words that were difficult to understand.

It is important to talk about making Australia more inclusive and we hope that the Royal Commission will help.