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A new law about changes to the NDIS

The federal government has introduced a new Bill into Parliament. They want to make a new law to change the way the NDIS works.

Today, the Australian Government introduced a new Bill into Parliament. A Bill is a draft law that still needs to be talked about by the Parliament before it can become the law.

The government wants to make a new law to change the way the NDIS works. NDIS Minister Bill Shorten gave a speech in Canberra today about this.

Bill Shorten said there are two groups of changes the government wants to make to the NDIS.

One group of changes is about ideas from the NDIS Review that happened last year. These changes will take time.

The second group of changes will happen more quickly. This is about changes to NDIS planning and services.

Minister Shorten says the government wants to work with people with disability and their families about the Bill and the changes to the NDIS.

Inclusion Australia will work hard to make sure the government hears the voices of people with intellectual disability and their families.

Click the link to read our Easy Read summary of Bill Shorten’s speech (also via the link below).

You can also see some information from the government here. They will have Easy Read soon too.