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Advocates recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours

Congratulations to Fiona McKenzie, Michael Sullivan and Ian Cummins who were all awarded the Order of Australia this week.

The Order of Australia is an award given to Australians who have done important things in their community, or in their work.

Michael and Fiona are both from NSW and work with the Council for Intellectual Disability (CID). They have been recognised for their outstanding achievement and service for people with disabilities.

Michael Sullivan has a long history of advocating for people with an intellectual disability. He is a former Chair of Our Voice, the committee which provides advice to Inclusion Australia’s Board. Michael was also CID Board Chair, and was appointed as the first Chairperson of the Down Syndrome Australia Network in 2018. In 2017 Michael was one of the key voices calling for a Disability Royal Commission.

“Enough is enough! It is our time to be heard. It is our time for justice – now!” – Michael Sullivan calls for a Disability Royal Commission in 2017

Michael Sullivan in Melbourne in 2017 calling for a Disability Royal Commission

Fiona McKenzie is the current chairperson of the CID Board. She was the first female chairperson with intellectual disability at CID. She has also spent many years advocating for people with an intellectual disability. This includes work with the Black Dog Institute to help people with intellectual disability learn and talk about mental health issues. She was a leader in CID’s Don’t Silence Us campaign for advocacy funding for people with intellectual disability in NSW.

Talking about her award, Fiona said: “It encapsulates everything, it’s an absolute honour to be recognised with an AM because it shows having intellectual disability you can achieve anything.”

Meanwhile in South Australia, advocate Ian Cummins has also received an Order of Australia. Ian is well known in South Australia for his work in self-advocacy and also representing people with a disabilities, especially working with JFA Purple Orange. This includes talking at the Disability Royal Commission in 2021.

To find out more about Ian’s work, watch this video of him in conversation with Gavin Burner from SACID: Peer Support and Finding Your Voice

To read more about Michael and Fiona’s work and achievements visit:

Well done to Michael, Fiona and Ian for your work to make Australia more inclusive of people with an intellectual disability.