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Inclusion Australia CEO to Co-Chair National Disability Data Asset Council

Catherine McAlpine appointed Co-Chair of the National Disability Data Asset Council


On 19 February 2024, Catherine McAlpine, Inclusion Australia CEO, was appointed Co-Chair of the National Disability Data Asset (NDDA) Council. The Council’s first meeting on 19 February has set the agenda for a hopeful path forward, to improve policies and programs for Australians with disability and their families.

The NDDA aims to create a clearer picture of the life experiences of people living with disability. By bringing together de-identified data from different Government agencies into one national disability dataset. The NDAA will offer insights about Australians with disability.

Australians with disability and their families are at the centre of this program’s design and delivery. The newly appointed Council is chaired by three disability community members and data experts.

The Council and panel members will manage research priorities and make sure that data collation is inclusive, safe, and ethical.

Catherine met with the other Council members Dr. Scott Avery, Professor Bruce Bonyhady, Giancarlo de Vera, Ms Rosemary Kayess, and Dr Julian Trollor for the Council’s first meeting on the 19 February. The Council will be meeting several times a year and work toward full data operations by end 2025.

National data that is accessible, accurate, and consistent will provide a better understanding of the barriers and needs of Australians with disability. These insights will help improve the programs and services delivered by disability organisations and Governments.

However, we think people with disability and their families must have a say in the policies that impact them. That is why we encourage you to take part in the National Disability Asset Council too.

There are two public panels for people with disability to join. Expressions of interest are open until Thursday 29 February.

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