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Political Inclusion National Summit 2023

Join the conversation about making politics more inclusive for people with disabilities.

As Australians we all have a right to have a say about how the country is run and who by.

Politics and voting are important ways for people to have a say.

Sadly, there are also many barriers for people with cognitive disabilities to be able to fully participate in politics and voting.

Inclusion Australia is working with other organisations from around Australia and internationally for the Political Inclusion National Summit 2023.

Led by Inclusion Designlab and Melbourne University, this is a free two-day online conference for:

  • People with an intellectual disability
  • People with a brain injury
  • Other people who need support to learn about politics and voting
  • Supporters, advocates and researchers.

At the summit:

  • People with disability and experts will talk about politics and inclusion.
  • We will talk together about good ideas about inclusion and make a plan.

The Summit takes place on 14-15 August 2023.

To get your free tickets or to find out more visit: Political Inclusion National Summit 2023

You can also download and share the attached flyers, including in Easy Read.