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Getting the AAT right for people with disability

Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA) is the national representative body for a network of independent disability advocacy organisations throughout Australia.

Independent disability advocates around the country have shared their experience and expertise with DANA to recommend a better appeals system for people with disability who use the NDIS and call for an urgent increase in funding for advocacy.

When people with disability that use the NDIS disagree with a decision that the NDIA makes about their supports, they can end up in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or the AAT.

The Federal Government is changing the AAT, and wanted to know what people with disability and disability advocates wanted the new tribunal to be like.

Inclusion Australia was one of many of advocacy organisations around the country who talked to DANA about the AAT. We all talked about how the new tribunal and decision process can be made better for everyone, most importantly for people with disability.

Read the full submission here: DANA Submission – Administrative Review Reform – 12 May 2023

Read more about the submission process and the organisations involved on the DANA website: Getting the AAT right for people with disability