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NDIS Review – Participant Safeguarding Proposals Paper

Right now, there is an Independent Review of the NDIS happening.

One part of the Review is to look at how safeguards are working or not working in the NDIS.

Safeguards are the actions that can be taken to support people to exercise their right to safety.

Safeguards can be natural, like having family and friends to help resolve problems. They can also be formal, like rules set by the government for service providers and workers.

The NDIS Review released a paper about what they have heard people want safeguards to do in their NDIS supports, and how the NDIS can improve safeguarding.

You can read the paper in Easy Read here:

We made a submission to the NDIS Review about what people with an intellectual disability and family members have told us about safeguarding in the NDIS. You can read it here: