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The Future of the NDIS explained

What we heard when the NDIS Review Panel shared their ideas in Newcastle

The Australian Government announced an independent review of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in October 2022.

Over the past year the members of the NDIS Review Panel have been talking with people from across the disability community about their experiences of the NDIS and what needs to change. They have also received submissions and other feedback from consultations around Australia.

As the panel prepares its report for Government, they have started sharing what they have heard and ideas that will be included in their recommendations.

On 22 August, panel co-chair Professor Bruce Bonyhady spoke about the future of the NDIS in Newcastle NSW. He was joined by the other panel members for a Q&A session. The event was livestreamed for people around the country.

Professor Bonyhady said “we must stop thinking of the NDIS as though it is a limitless Magic Pudding … governments, service providers, and some people with disability and their families, have all started to treat the NDIS as a limitless resource.”

Members of the Inclusion Australia team who are also NDIS participants were listening online. They have shared their feedback on what they heard in Professor Bonyhady’s speech and questions that they have for the Panel.

Read their thoughts here: The Future of the NDIS – IA staff feedback

The team had some feedback on the accessibility of the speech. Together we have created an Easy Read summary of the NDIS Review Panel speech to help explain some of the big ideas. You can download the summary below.