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The Towards Inclusive Practice project is part of a longer and ongoing conversation about meaningful inclusion of people with an intellectual disability. We acknowledge the work of other self-advocates and […]

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Inclusive consultations

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Consultations are an important way for organisations to hear the voices and opinions of people who are impacted by and rely on their services. People with an intellectual disability face […]

Inclusive meetings

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Meetings are an important part of working together. They can be a place to find out information, have your say and share ideas. Whether meeting in person or online, there […]

Inclusive systems and processes

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For many people, their main contact with government departments and other organisations is using systems and processes. This might include completing applications, providing or updating personal information, talking over the […]

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Accessible information

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We all have a right to receive information in a format that is accessible. Inclusion Advisors who worked on this project were clear that governments and organisations need to do […]

Power and trust

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Power and trust are important things to understand when thinking about being inclusive. How you use the power you have in your role or organisation can make a big difference […]

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Diversity and inclusion

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People with an intellectual disability are part of a rich and diverse community. Each person has different skills, experiences, personal circumstances, cultural backgrounds, and preferred communication styles. Thinking about these […]

Introduction to inclusive practice

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Inclusive practice means working in a way that is accessible, and helps people feel welcome and supported. We made this website and resources to help government and other organisations to […]


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The topics covered in our resources were identified as important by stakeholders in the Towards Inclusive Practice project. By clicking on each topic you will find useful guides, factsheets, tips […]