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NDIS Review – the role of pricing and payment approaches in the NDIS  

There is an Independent Review of the NDIS happening. One part of the Review is to look at how pricing and payment approaches are working or not working in the NDIS market.

The NDIS market is about the way that NDIS participants buy their NDIS supports from different service providers. Different providers compete with each other to offer supports to NDIS participants. This is called market competition.

The NDIS Review has heard that the way the NDIS market is right now relies too much on market competition.

This does not always work well for NDIS participants.

The NDIS Review wanted to hear from the community about how to make it easier for NDIS participants to navigate the NDIS market. The Review also wanted to know how pricing and payment options in the NDIS market can be improved to create better outcomes for NDIS participants and to make the NDIS more sustainable into the future.

You can read more about the topic in Easy Read here:

We made a submission to the NDIS Review. We talked to people with an intellectual disability who are NDIS participants to find out what a ‘good outcome’ in the NDIS looks like to them. We made different recommendations to the NDIS Review about how what kind of payment and pricing options would best support NDIS participants.

Read our submission here: IA submission to NDIS Review – Pricing and payment in improving outcomes and scheme sustainability