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“There is creativity in all of us, but it can be buried beneath our everyday concerns.”

Your Service, Your Rights workshops are being delivered across Australia by a team of almost 30 facilitators from Inclusion Australia’s member organisations.

The workshops are running to talk with people with an intellectual about rights when getting NDIS services.

We recently got an update from Matt and Callum from Parent 2 Parent in Queensland about how they used art in their workshops.

Art from the Margins Workshops by Callum and Matt

Your Service, Your Rights is a project that we have been working on.  At the workshops in February and March 2023 we asked people to explain using different ways of drawing.

We had a large piece of paper on the table. We asked people to draw pictures about the things that we were talking to them about.

They used different colours, they sketched, scribbled, doodled and wrote notes using different markers, pencils, crayons and pens. Some people had help from their Support Workers.

We did this because some writers think that drawing helps people to listen and learn.  It also helps some people to relax when they are in big groups.

When people draw, they often get more ideas.

It can also help people to feel good about their drawings when we share them. This happened during these workshops.

Below are some examples of the pictures, with words written:

What’s important to me? … to live and thrive in the life I choose…


What would stop me making a complaint list. I can use my hand of trust to identify the people I can ask for help to make a complaint…


How do you make a complaint? What does an audit mean? Is it about money?

“There is creativity in all of us, but it can be buried beneath our everyday concerns.” – Phillipa Stanton

We think it is great to see the creative ways that people asked questions and talked about their rights in Queensland. To hear more stories from the team at Parent 2 Parent, please visit

If you are interested in having workshops in your service, you can contact the Inclusion Australia member in your state or territory here:

To find out more about Your Service, Your Rights visit our project page on the Inclusion Australia website: