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Living with COVID

An accessible new video to help you make the right decisions to stay safe.

We want to make sure people with an intellectual disability have the right information to help stay as safe as possible from COVID-19.That’s why we have made a new film with our friends and colleagues at Speak Out Advocacy in Tasmania.The film is called Living with COVID-19.

It has information about vaccines, the flu, wearing masks and doing everything you can to stay safe is a way that is right for you.

You can watch it below or click on this link:

This is the follow-up to our 2021 film to help people make decisions about getting the vaccine. You can watch the first film here.

More Information

For the latest COVID-19 information by the Australian Government in Easy Read visit COVID-19 vaccination – Easy Read resources

You can also visit our COVID-19 page with links to state and territory information: COVID-19 – Inclusion Australia


This video was made possible through philanthropic funding. We are grateful to our funders for their generous donation.